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Confederated Tribes and Bands of Yakama Indian Nation v. Baldrige, 898 F.Supp. 1477 (W.D.Wash.,1995)


Northwest fishing treaty tribes made strong showing, for purposes of obtaining preliminary injunction, that State of Alaska violated explicit intent of Baldrige Stipulation and Order, to promote effective implementation of Pacific Salmon Treaty and to provide fair interstate domestic allocation of chinook salmon resources, when State attempted to impose alternative plan of determining chinook salmon allocation, by unreasonably pursuing its interests in derogation of its duty to fulfill its obligations under Stipulation and Order in good faith, and by ignoring recommendations of scientific panels that alternative plan not be implemented as proposed and attempting to proceed even though its own scientists had not had time to incorporate modifications suggested in peer review process.

CRITFC Science Team

CRITFC’s Fish Science department consists of geneticists, hydrologists, fish biologists, biometricians, meteorologists, and other scientists dedicated to studying salmon and their ecosystem.