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Sohappy v. Smith


Fourteen individual members of the Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakima Indian Nation filed this case against the members and director of the Fish Commission of the State of Oregon and the Oregon State Game Commission seeking a decree of the federal district court of Oregon defining their treaty right “of taking fish at all usual and accustomed places” on the Columbia River.

The Yakama tribal members:

  1. Richard Sohappy
  2. Aleck Sohappy
  3. David Sohappy
  4. Myra Sohappy
  5. Clara Sohappy
  6. James Alexander
  7. James Alexander. Jr.
  8. Leo Alexander
  9. Clifford Alexander
  10. Henry Alexander
  11. Andrew Jackson
  12. Roy Watlamet
  13. Shirley McConville
  14. Clarence Tahkeal

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