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Abandoned Property Notice – Dec 2, 2022

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the titled properties listed below have been tagged as abandoned and are not authorized to remain on the fishing sites. If these items are not claimed and moved by the date indicated on the tag, the BIA will dispose of the abandoned property, all risks and liabilities to the owner.

If you are the owner of any of these properties or know who is, please call CRITFC Fishing Site Maintenance at (503) 881-3376 or (541) 296-6010.


BOATS: Single hull 22′; White, # WA 9510 VR EODTEV-1 WN 208PUY WA • Tri-hull; Green, # OR 87GE • Single Hull; Spray Painted Free, No plate • Single Hull; Green, # WN 7709 NF • Tri-hull; White, # WA 3660G • Single Hull 17′; Bayliner Capri; White, # OR 993 MU • Tri-hull 18′, White, # 2301 F • Single Hull; Flying V, No plate • Tri-hull; Yellow/White, No plate • Tri-hull; Two-tone Beige/White, # WN 827 AM / WA 1194QQ • Single Hull 16′; White, # OR345CD

TRAILERS/CAMPERS: Pony Trailer, No plate • Destroyed by fire, No plate • Lo-liner; White, # OR R587417 • Nomad Camper Trailer, No plate • Shasta Camper, # WA 1732XF • Travel EZ Trailer, # OR 711620 • Aristocrat Lo-Liner, No plate

VEHICLES: Ford F350; Beige, No plate• Ford F250; Red, VIN: IFTHX26G9MKA12477 • Mazda; Black, VIN: 4F4CR12A7RTM53629 • Chevy Silverado; Red, VIN: 1GCGC34V36J167131, Plate: OR JVE908 • Dodge Sportsman Camper, VIN: F44CD7V022334


BOATS: Tri-hull; Grey, #WN 2893 KT • Tri-hull; DOG, #WN 8401 MD • Single Hull w/Trailer, No plates • Tri-hull; Red, #WN 9709 RC • Tri-hull; Blue, #E1NELL • Tri-hull; White /Trailer, #WN 4766

TRAILERS/CAMPERS: Single Axle White, No plates • Tandem Axle, No plates • No Axle, No plates • Single Axle, No plates • Burnt, No plates

VEHICLES: Mazda Hatchback; Black, VIN: JM1BLK34L191199818 • Toyota Truck; White, #WA B477888, VIN: JT4RN81R9K5037140 • Chevy Silverado; Red, #OR TW4638, VIN: 2BCFC29K3M11085561 • Honda Civic; Silver, #YN 4076, VIN: JHMEE2853LS003744


BOATS: Tri-hull; Bayliner, #WA 7071 YN • Single hull; White, #WN 282 SL • Single Hull; White; Glas Ply, No plate • Tri-hull, #OR 715 MS • Single Hull, #WN 7255 JF • Tri-hull Reinell, No plate • Small Boat; Blue, #OR 9045 • Tri-hull 21′ Glaston, #WN 1307T • River Runner w/Trailer, No plate • Single Hull Alpine, #3014 AS

TRAILERS/CAMPERS: Camper Trailer, No plate • Cat Trailer – Prowler, No plate • Camper Trailer, #OR R562887 • Komfort Trailer, #WA 2304 UJ • Timberline Trailer, No plate • Hitchhiker II; Burnt, #WA 1009 UP • Litation, No plate • Wilderness, No plate • Regal, No plate • Cavalier Trailer, #OR 675403

VEHICLES: Dodge Club Cab; Brown, VIN: D27BE65S212598 • Chrysler PT Cruiser; Silver, #WA AFT 2348, VIN: 3C4FY58B22T362505 • Motor Home, #OR AAG290 • Mitsubishi Lancer; Black, #WA AYR4511 • Honda Accord; Silver, #CCK2579, VIN: IHGCD5609VA21468 • Chevy 1500; White, #YN 3797, VIN: 1GTEK19RXRWR501215 • Toyota Tundra; White, #WA C48967U, VIN: 5TBDT44145S4833329 • Chevy Silverado; Silver, #WA C51131L, VIN: 2GCEC19VXX1180491 • Ford F150; Black, VIN: IFTEX14HXMKA54889 • Chevy Spark; Blue, VIN: KL8CB6S9XEC572388 • Dodge Camper, #WA 073ZAQ • Pontiac Sunbird; Blue, VIN: 1G2JB34K8M7598674 • Geo Tracker: Black, #WA BPG847, VIN: 2CNBE18U2R6942610


BOATS: Tri-hull Fiber Form; White, No plate • Tri-hull; Green, No plate • Single Hull; White, No plate • Tri-hull; Beige, #WN 131 AM • Single Hull Bayliner; Blue, #WN 9112 M

VEHICLES: Box Truck, #WA C97992

If you have any fishing enforcement problems or need assistance or information, day or night, contact the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fisheries Enforcement Office, 4270 Westcliff Drive, Hood River, Oregon. Phone: (541)-386-6363 or toll-free (800)-487-FISH (3474). Show pride in your tribe’s treaty rights by carrying your tribal ID. Please consult your tribal Fisheries Department for additional details on tribal regulations. PLEASE WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKETS FOR SAFETY and avoid overloading your boats.


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