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Yakama Fishers Meeting Rescheduled

This information was provided from the Yakama Nation Fish and Wildlife Committee. Click here to view original memo.

The Yakama Nation Fish & Wildlife Committee directed its Fisheries staff to RESCHEDULE the fishers meeting for Friday, April 15, 2022, from 10am to 4pm at the Hood River In, Hood River, Oregon AND via Zoom (log in details at end of announcement).


Topics for discussion include:

  1. Spring Season 2022
    1. Forecasts and Catch Guidelines
    2. Fisheries Outlook
  2. Summer Season 2022
    1. Forecasts and Catch Guidelines
    2. Fisheries Outlook
  3. Other Topics
    1. Bird Management (Bill Sharp) – 11:30am
    2. Invasive Species (Blaine Parker) – 11:45am
    3. Icicle River Exp Area (Dave Blodgett III) – 1pm
    4. CRITFC: Overview; Key Functions; COVID-19 Updates and Outreach (Aja DeCoteau and other CRITFC staff)
    5. Salmon Marketing
    6. In-lieu/TFAS: N’ChiWana Housing/Akana

Remote meeting instructions:

If you have any fishing enforcement problems or need assistance or information, day or night, contact the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fisheries Enforcement Office, 4270 Westcliff Drive, Hood River, Oregon. Phone: (541)-386-6363 or toll-free (800)-487-FISH (3474). Show pride in your tribe’s treaty rights by carrying your tribal ID. Please consult your tribal Fisheries Department for additional details on tribal regulations. PLEASE WEAR YOUR LIFE JACKETS FOR SAFETY and avoid overloading your boats.


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