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2004-2006 US LOA Chinook Draft Report: Fixes or Alternatives to the Individual Stock Based Management (ISBM) Provisions

Jan 1, 2006


This report covers alternatives to the current approach used to generate Individual Stock Based Management (ISBM) indices. As shown by Sharma (2005), there are numerous problems with the current index. These stem from the fact that the model and coded-wire tagged (CWT) based indices do not track each other. Biases were large across most stocks (Sharma 2005) and the index was instable due to an incomplete brood effect. Besides these issues, a lag-time for two years existed before any evaluation was possible, because CWT reporting lagged by two years, and finally the overall coverage of CWT’s to represent different stocks is poor.



Sharma, R. 2006. 2004-2006 US Letter of Agreement (LOA) Chinook draft report: fixes or alternatives to the Individual Stock Based Management (ISBM) provisions. Submitted to: US CTC (Chinook Technical Committee) and D. Cantillon, NMFS. 82 p.



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CRITFC Technical Report