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2011 Annual Report: Genetic Assessment of Columbia River Stocks

Mar 31, 2012


This project combines four inter-related studies from the Fish & Wildlife Program Accords that address these current and future objectives: 1) discover and evaluate SNP markers in salmon and steelhead; 2) expand and create genetic baselines for multiple species including Chinook Salmon, steelhead, Sockeye Salmon and kokanee (O. nerka), and Coho Salmon; 3) implement Genetic Stock Identification (GSI) programs for mainstem Chinook Salmon fisheries and 4) GSI of fish passing Bonneville Dam (steelhead and Chinook).



Hess, J.E., N.R. Campbell, A.P. Matala, and S.R. Narum. 2012. 2011 Annual report: genetic assessment of Columbia River stocks. U.S. Dept. of Energy Bonneville Power Administration Report Project 2008-907-00. Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission Technical Report 12-7. Portland, OR. 124p.



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CRITFC Technical Report