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A Centralized Model for Creating Shared, Standardized, Microsatellite Data that Simplifies Inter-laboratory Collaboration

Oct 22, 2008


We demonstrate an efficient model for standardizing microsatellite DNA data among laboratories studying Oncorhynchus mykiss. Eight laboratories standardized 13 microsatellite loci following allele nomenclature of a central laboratory (average inter-laboratory genotyping concordance [98%]). Following this central model, we have currently standardized 298 alleles from throughout the species native range. Although we focus here on O. mykiss, our experiences and recommendation apply equally to other broadly distributed species that may benefit from multi-laboratory collaborative data collection.


Jeff Stephenson, Matt Campbell, Jon Hess, Chris Kozfkay, Andrew Matala, Megan McPhee, Paul Moran, Shawn Narum, Melanie Paquin, Ora Schlei, Maureen Small, Donald Van Doornik, and John Wenburg


Stephenson, J.J., M.R. Campbell, J.E. Hess, C. Kozfkay, A.P. Matala, M.V. McPhee, P. Moran, S.R. Narum, M.M. Paquin, O. Schlei, M.P. Small, D.M. Van Doornik, and J.K. Wenburg. 2009. A centralized model for creating shared, standardized, microsatellite data that simplifies inter-laboratory collaboration. Conservation Genetics 10:1145-1149. Online at



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