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Advances in Salmonid Genetics—Insights from Coastwide and Beyond

Jul 8, 2024


This article summarizes the Special Issue of Evolutionary Applications focused on “Advances in Salmonid Genetics.” Contributions to this Special Issue were primarily presented at the Coastwide Salmonid Genetics Meeting, held in Boise, ID in June 2023, with a focus on Pacific salmonids of the west coast region of North America. Contributions from other regions of the globe are also included and further convey the importance of various salmonid species across the world. This Special Issue is comprised of 22 articles that together illustrate major advances in genetic and genomic tools to address fundamental and applied questions for natural populations of salmonids, ranging from mixed-stock analyses, to conservation of genetic diversity, to adaptation to local environments. These studies provide valuable insight for molecular ecologists since salmonid systems offer a window into evolutionary applications that parallel conservation efforts relevant and applicable beyond salmonid species. Here, we provide an introduction and a synopsis of articles in this Special Issue, along with future directions in this field. We present this Special Issue in honor of Fred Utter, a founder and leader in the field of salmonid genetics, who passed away in 2023.


Shawn Narum, Matthew Campbell, Katharine Coykendall, Mariah Meek, Kathleen O’Malley, and Maren Wellenreuther


Narum, S.R., M. Campbell, K. Coykendall, M. Meek, K.G. O’Malley, and M. Wellenreuther. 2024. Advances in salmonid genetics—insights from Coastwide and beyond. Evolutionary Applications 17(6):e13732. Online at



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