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Basinwide Supplementation Evaluation Project: 2014 Annual Progress Report

Jun 28, 2021


This report summarizes activities for the 2014 calendar year performed as part of the multi-year project organized under the seven project objectives. The primary focus of the Project involves Hatchery RM&E – specifically molecular genetic studies associated with tribal hatchery programs, to assess critical uncertainties related to effects of hatchery supplementation on productivity of depressed natural anadromous salmon populations, as well as on programs to establish new natural populations, through stocking of fish of out-of-basin fish hatchery origin or of natural origin, in subbasins where the indigenous population had been extirpated.



Galbreath, P.F., M.A. Hess, A.P. Matala, and S.R. Narum. 2015. Basinwide supplementation evaluation project: 2014 annual progress report. Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission Technical Report15-07, for U.S. Bonneville Power Administration Project 2009-009-00. Portland, OR. 27p.



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CRITFC Technical Report