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Potential for Stream Restoration to Mitigate Climate Change Impacts to Salmon Populations: A Case Study in the Grande Ronde River

Feb 25, 2022


Presentation describing a case study in Northeast Oregon evaluating the potential for stream and riparian restoration to mitigate climate change impacts to salmon populations. The Grande Ronde River basin is located in the northeast corner of Oregon in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. Our work has focused primarily on three sub-watersheds in the upper part of the basin including the upper Grande Ronde, Catherine Creek, and Minam River. Of the habitat factors limiting recovery of salmon in the basin, water temperature is arguably the most severely impacted.

Presenter notes available with each slide.



Justice, c., S. White, D. Graves, L. Burns, B. Staton, M. Kaylor, and D. McCullough. 2021. Potential for stream restoration to mitigate climate change impacts to salmon populations: a case study in the Grande Ronde River. Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission. American Fisheries Society Webinar, Climate Change & Columbia River Tribes, October 19, 2021. Virtual.



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