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Tribal Energy Vision

May 1, 2003


The first draft of this paper was done in October 2001. It was then and remains a vision of what could be achieved if the region were to more broadly resolve issues facing power and fish and wildlife. As such this report is not meant to be predictive of what will happen, but intends to show how the region might develop an efficient electrical generation and delivery system that exists comfortably with a healthy fishery in the Columbia River Basin.

Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) is revamping its transmission planning process to include non-construction alternatives to transmission. As part of this effort, BPA has initiated three case studies to consider whether any of its planned transmission projects can be eliminated or delayed by deploying the very resources that this vision report calls for. Capital directed toward energy technology will rise even faster as re-regulation is implemented in this country and abroad.

We hope this movement toward a more responsible energy future continues. The member tribes of CRITFC are prepared to do what they can to help the region achieve this vision.

Download the 2013 Update of this report here.


Tom Foley and Rob Lothrop


Foley, T. and R. Lothrop. 2003. Tribal energy vision. Tom Foley Consultants and Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission Report. Portland, OR. 53p.



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