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Water Supply Forecast Correction Curves


Water Supply Forecasts provide a volumetric prediction as to how much snow-melt generated runoff can be expected during spring and summer. Reservoir operators use this information to plan their operations months ahead. Unfortunately, the forecast usually changes throughout the winter. Operational decisions based on early season forecasts can have a big impact on spring and summer reservoir operations, which impact migrating salmon. CRITFC Hydrologist Kyle Dittmer devised a trending tool based on historical water supply forecasts that “value-enhances” the current water supply forecasts for 40 forecast locations throughout the Columbia-Snake basins. Water managers can now get a better handle on the direction or trend of the forecast.



Dittmer, K. 2003. Water Supply Forecast Correction Curves. Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission Report reference #03-meteor-1, Portland, Oregon.



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CRITFC Technical Report