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Charles Seaton
(503) 238-0667

Employee since: 2020

Coastal Margin Observation & Prediction Program Coordinator

Watershed Department
Off-site teleworker


I coordinate the Coastal Margin Observation and Prediction (CMOP) program at CRITFC, managing observation data and numerical modeling of the Columbia River estuary and coastal ocean. Before coordinating the transition of the CMOP program over to CRITFC in 2020, I worked for the CMOP program at the Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) for twenty years, after studying with the founding director of the program at the Oregon Graduate Institute (before it merged with OHSU). When not studying the Columbia River, I enjoy staring out to sea at the Oregon coast and body surfing on North Carolina beaches.


  • B.S. Botany. University of Massachusetts-Amherst. 1995
  • M.S. Environmental Science and Engineering. Oregon Graduate Institute. 2000

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