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Hana Haakenstad

(Former Employee)

Genetics Technician

Fishery Science Department
Hagerman Genetics Lab


I started working at the Hagerman Fish Culture & Experiment Station as a Genetics Lab Technician in 2021 where I have focused on processing DNA for primarily Chinook and steelhead research. I graduated from the University of Idaho with my B.S in Environmental Science, a minor in Fisheries Resources, and a certification in GIS. My previous work revolved around limnology and zooplankton, and I am thrilled to be working in genetics now. Outside of work, I enjoy skiing, print making, traveling, playing guitar, fly fishing and fly tying.


  • B.S. Environmental Science with Fisheries Resources Minor, University of Idaho, 2021.
  • GIS Certification, University of Idaho, 2021.

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