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Jiaming Yang
(503) 731-1318

Employee since: 2023

Data Systems Specialist

Fishery Science Department
Portland Main Office


Growing up in Beijing China, my favorite thing to do was running around outside with a bug net catching and examining insects. I’ve always been fascinated by the wonders of the natural world, which led me to pursue a degree in geology at Portland State University. I continued into a Master’s program and developed an appreciation for using mathematical approaches to solve physical problems, specifically focusing on thermal and fluid dynamics of the Earth’s crust. While pursuing a Ph.D. at the University of Nevada, Reno, I had the opportunity to conduct fieldwork in the Tibetan Plateau and used numerical models to quantify the effect of river erosion on rock uplift.

Instead of pursuing a career in resource extraction with my geological background, I chose to apply my data science skills at CRITFC to preserve, restore, and improve our natural resources. I enjoy cooking and have a passion for outdoor activities, including bushcrafting, backpacking, fishing, and gardening.


  • Ph.D., Geology, University of Nevada, Reno, 2022
  • M.S., Geology, Portland State University, 2017
  • B.S., Geology, Portland State University, 2015

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