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Matthew Kaylor
(503) 731-1300

Employee since: 2023

Fishery Scientist

Fishery Science Department
Portland Main Office


I am a Fishery Scientist with the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission and work within the River Ecology group. I grew up in Wisconsin and spent much of my childhood exploring lakes, rivers, and ponds, often with a dip net and bucket. My career choice did not surprise anyone. I studied environmental science at the University of Minnesota, and after spending several summers working on trout streams in northern Wisconsin, I moved to Oregon in 2013 to attend graduate school at Oregon State University.

I am broadly interested in determining the physical and biological controls on fish productivity, including responses to disturbances, restoration efforts, and other anthropogenic actions. My research emphasizes an ecosystem approach, linking fish populations to their invertebrate prey, to energy sources fueling the base of the food web, and to physical habitat conditions. My current research evaluates how variability in temperature, prey resources, and physical habitat conditions interact across watersheds and through time to shape patterns of juvenile salmon growth, emergence, movement, and habitat use.

Outside of work, I enjoy woodworking, fishing, hunting, and spending time with my wife and dog.


  • Ph.D., Fisheries Science, Oregon State University, 2019
  • B.S. Environmental Science, Policy, and Management, University of Minnesota, 2011

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