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Maureen Hess

(Former Employee)

Hatchery Production Coordinator


Maureen has been with CRITFC since 2010. For 6 years she was a Conservation Geneticist at the Hagerman Genetics Lab in Idaho, where her research was focused on hatchery and wild fish interactions and involvement in coordinating the Parentage-Based Tagging program specific to hatcheries in the Columbia River basin. She moved to the Portland main office in 2016, and now works as the Hatchery Production Coordinator for the Fisheries Management department. Her research interests have focused on use of hatcheries for both conservation and fishery/mitigation purposes, and use of research for adaptive management of hatcheries. She reviews production goals for the John Day & The Dalles mitigation program for fall Chinook, and develops program and facility planning for implementation of re-programming efforts. She also participates in regional hatchery coordination processes through the US vs. Oregon Production Advisory Committee, participates in the Pacific Northwest Fish Health Protection Committee, and was appointed as a board member for the Oregon Hatchery Research Center, representing Oregon Indian Tribes.


  • M.S., Aquatic and Fishery Science, University of Washington, 2010
  • B.S., Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Washington, 2004

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