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Rob Lothrop
(503) 731-1291

Policy Development/Litigation Support Manager

Policy Development and Litigation Support Department
Portland Main Office


ROBERT C. LOTHROP manages the Policy Development and Litigation Support Department at the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission, where he has worked since 1981.  The Commission was established by the Yakama, Warm Springs, Umatilla, and Nez Perce Indian tribes in 1977.  The Commission assists these tribes with gravel-to-gravel management of the Columbia Basin’s salmon resources.  The Commission’s Policy Department deals with the salmon management aspects of international fisheries, federal land management practices, coordination with state and federal fishery agencies in the Columbia Basin, and mitigation of hydroelectric project impacts.  An overview of Columbia Basin hydroelectric project impacts to salmon and related mitigation programs is contained in Lothrop, The Misplaced Role of Cost-Benefit Analysis in Columbia Basin Fishery Mitigation, 16 Envtl. L. 517 (1986).  In 2004, Lewis and Clark Law School presented Mr. Lothrop with its Distinguished Environmental Graduate award, honoring those who have gone on to distinguished careers in environmental law.  Mr. Lothrop has a B.A. in Biology from Cornell College, a J.D. from Lewis and Clark Law School with a Certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law, and is a member of the Oregon State Bar.

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