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CRITFC Overview of Columbia River USACE Fish Budget Needs


This document was compiled by CRITFC staff to help better understand the budgetary needs and shortcomings of both the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Columbia River Fish Mitigation budget (CRFM) and the USACE Operational and Maintenance budget (O&M). The costs are compiled over an 8-year time frame so projects can be both one-time costs as well as reoccurring costs. The majority of the items in the budget are ones that the USACE has highlighted at the regional System Configuration meetings (SCT), and the unfunded items from the O&M budget that were presented at the Fish Passage Operations and Maintenance regional meetings.

The other items and projects that are compiled in the spreadsheet are items identified in the Proposed Action from the Action Agencies as well as the NOAA’s recent Hydro Biological Opinion. Additional items such as lamprey passage improvements and river mouth sedimentation work reflect needs that have been identified by staff working with regional sovereigns and stakeholders. Total 8-year costs are specified in attached spreadsheets and were broken into the 10 separate work element categories.

CRITFC Science Team

CRITFC’s Fish Science department consists of geneticists, hydrologists, fish biologists, biometricians, meteorologists, and other scientists dedicated to studying salmon and their ecosystem.