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Fishery Science Overview

Salmon restoration depends on sound research and science. One of the primary reasons for CRITFC’s founding in 1977 was to provide technical information to its four member tribes. Prior to this, the tribes were beholden to state and federal agencies for research and evaluations.

Today, the science being conducted by CRITFC is well respected, peer-reviewed, and helping improve the understanding of fish biology, genetics, ecology, and other fields.

CRITFC’s Fish Science Department is organized into three groups:

  • Watershed Ecology
  • Production & Restoration
  • Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation

It also has two programs:

The scientists at CRITFC are constantly working on new research to further our understanding of salmon and their habitat.

The Latest CRITFC Scientific Report

Development and Evaluation of 200 Novel SNP Assays for Population Genetic Studies of Westslope Cutthroat Trout and Genetic Identification of Related Taxa »

CRITFC Science Team

CRITFC’s Fishery Science Department consists of geneticists, hydrologists, fish biologists, biometricians, meteorologists, and other scientists dedicated to studying salmon and their ecosystem.

Fishery Science Staff

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