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A Quantitative Framework for the Analysis of Habitat and Hatchery Practices on Pacific Salmon

Jan 1, 2005


We developed a model to capture the interaction of two factors (habitat and hatchery indicators) on salmon abundance, and provide a framework for evaluating alternative restoration actions for salmon in the northwestern United States, assuming specific ocean conditions and harvest rates. We modeled different hypothetical Coho Salmon population trajectories in Issaquah creek (King County, western Washington, USA) as a function of land-use change and hatchery supplementation. The model can be tailored to address individual problems, areas and questions.


Rishi Sharma, Andrew Cooper, and Ray Hilborn


Sharma, R., A.B. Cooper, and R. Hilborn. 2005. A quantitative framework for the analysis of habitat and hatchery practices on Pacific salmon. Ecological Modelling 183(2-3):231–250. Online at



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