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Seals and Sea Lions in the Columbia River: An Evaluation and Summary of Research

Mar 31, 2016


Between 1964 and 2015, Walker Research Group, Ltd. has been engaged in long-term investigations of tribal fishing in the Columbia River, its many tributaries and riverine and lacustrine systems in western North America. This research has addressed questions of traditional, pre-contact, recent, and contemporary tribal exploitation of aquatic resources, including fish, shellfish, large and small mammals (including seals and sea lions), and has also supported the reserved, ongoing fishing rights of various tribes. In this report we summarize and provide an analysis and interpretation of selected published sources of information on pinnipeds and traditional tribal relationships with and uses of them. In addition to tribal interviews between 1964 and 2015 we rely on existing literature and research to demonstrate traditional Columbia River tribal hunting of pinnipeds.


Deward Walker, Jr.


Walker, D.E. 2015. Seals and sea lions in the Columbia River: an evaluation and summary of research. Technical Report to the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission. Portland, OR. 40 pgs.



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