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Catherine Villarreal

(Former Employee)

Tribal Affiliation: Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma

Chief Financial Officer

Finance and Operations Department
Portland Main Office


I spent my formative years as an Air Force “brat,” born in England and traversing military bases across different corners of the globe. This upbringing cultivated a deep appreciation for diverse cultures and perspectives. My experiences in Japan, among other places, enabled me to become fluent in Japanese and absorb the richness of various societies. While my geographical trajectory has been diverse, Springfield, Missouri, remained a constant in my life, fostering a connection to my roots and heritage as a member of the Ottawa tribe from Oklahoma.

As an adult, I pursued higher education in Boston before landing in Mobile, Alabama, where I met my husband. Following a profound tragedy, we embarked on a journey that eventually led us to Kauai and, subsequently, to Portland. I’ve now lived in the Pacific NW for a number of years and am happy to say I’ve found my home. I love to cook and spend as much time as I can at my home in Ocean Park, Washington, on the Long Beach peninsula.

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