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Supplemental Materials

BC Local Government Recommendations – January 2021 Update

The Columbia River Treaty Local Governments Committee updated their recommendations regarding the modernization of the Columbia River Treaty and resolution of domestic issues based on what the Committee has heard from Basin residents and local governments since their original recommendations were provided in 2013.

Ecosystem-Based Function Integration Into the Columbia River Treaty: Columbia Basin Tribe’s Concept
This booklet provides a detailed description for potential Columbia Basin structural improvements and system operations that improve and restore ecosystem-based functions that are consistent with the “U.S. Entity Regional Recommendation for the Future of the Columbia River Treaty after 2024,” the tribes’ definition of ecosystem-based function, and adaptation for climate change.

Fish Passage & Reintroduction into the US & Canadian Upper Columbia River Interim Joint Paper
U.S. Native American Tribes and Canadian First Nations jointly propose reintroducing and restoring habitat and life history connectivity for native anadromous salmon and resident fish into and within the upper Columbia River pursuant to a modernized Columbia River Treaty. Restoring fish passage should be investigated and implemented as a key element of integrating the ecosystem into the Treaty.

The Value of Natural Capital in the Columbia River Basin: A Comprehensive Analysis
This report illustrates and documents the immense economic value of the Columbia river basin’s natural assets and provides clear evidence of the increased value that can be gained by addressing ecosystem-based function in a modernized CRB river management regime.

Fishing, Hunting, Wildlife Viewing, and Shellfishing in Oregon: 2008 State and County Expenditure Estimates
A report from Oregon for ODFW that documents county-by-county the travel related expenditures from hunting fishing wildlife viewing and shellfishing. Plus a billion dollars per year in sales of equipment in Oregon arising from these activities. (Link from ODFW. Opens in a new window.)

Tsilhqot’in Landmark Decision with Implications for Resource Developments in Canada
(Link from Work and Climate Change Report. Opens in a new window.)

(Link from BPA. Opens in a new window.)

US Army Corps of Engineers White Paper on Columbia River Post-2024 Flood Risk Management Procedure
A paper prepared in September 2011 by staff of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Northwestern Division, including representatives of the Columbia Basin Water Management Division and Portland, Seattle, and Walla Walla District offices involved in the Columbia River Basin Treaty 2014/2024 Review. The document describes a proposed procedure for post-2024 flood risk management operations. The document has been coordinated with the U.S. Entity and the U.S. Section of the Treaty Permanent Engineering Board. Input was also provided by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation.