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Reproducibility in Ecology and Evolution: Minimum Standards for Data and Code

May 16, 2023


We call for journals to commit to requiring open data be archived in a format that will be simple and clear for readers to understand and use. If applied consistently, these requirements will allow contributors to be acknowledged for their work through citation of open data, and facilitate scientific progress.


Gareth Jenkins, Andrew Beckerman, Céline Bellard, Ana Benítez-López, Aaron Ellison, Christopher Foote, Andrew Hufton, Marcus Lashley, Christopher Lortie, Zhaoxue Ma, Allen Moore, Shawn Narum, Johan Nilsson, Bridget O’Boyle, Diogo Provete, Orly Razgour, Loren Rieseberg, Cynthia Riginos, Luca Santini, Benjamin Sibbett, and Pedro Peres-Neto


Jenkins, G.B., A.P. Beckerman, C. Bellard, A. Benítez-López, A.M. Ellison, C.G. Foote, A.L. Hufton, M.A. Lashley, C.J. Lortie, Z. Ma, A.J. Moore, S.R. Narum, J. Nilsson, B. O’Boyle, D.B. Provete, O. Razgour, L. Rieseberg, C. Riginos, L. Santini, B. Sibbett, and P.R. Peres-Neto. 2023. Reproducibility in ecology and evolution: minimum standards for data and code. Ecology and Evolution 13(5):e9961. Online at



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