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Habitat Capacity Index for Chinook Salmon Parr in the Grande Ronde Basin

Feb 25, 2022


Presentation describing fish habitat in the upper Grande Ronde Basin has been heavily degraded by land use including timber harvest, agriculture, mining, grazing, and beaver trapping. These impacts, combined with hydropower, over-harvest, and other factors led to the listing of local Spring Chinook Salmon and steelhead populations under the Endangered Species Act and subsequent efforts to restore habitat conditions and improve survival throughout the life cycle. Tools are needed to evaluate past and future impacts of restoration actions on fish populations so that limited restoration dollars can be used most effectively to recover our salmon populations.

Presenter notes available with each slide.



Justice, c., S. White, B. Staton, L. Burns, M. Kaylor, and D. Graves. 2021. Habitat capacity index for Chinook Salmon parr in the Grande Ronde Basin. Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission. Grande Ronde Life Cycle Modeling Virtual Workshop, November 16, 2021. Virtual.



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